FAQ Airplay Troubleshooting

The firewall of any operating system can cause connectivity problems with other devices. It’s frustrating when AirPlay isn’t working on your LG TV as it should. The good news is, the problem is almost always temporary, and it’s typically network or software-related. Again, the common cause of this problem even beginning to exist is not having the TV and the smart devices connected to the same WiFi.
Ensure that there is no more than one device trying to stream. What’s more, some third-party apps can interfere with the AirPlay. If airplay not working have other stream apps like AirPlay, you should uninstall them. Maybe this should be your first trying to get rid of AirPlay not showing issue. You can restart your iPhone/iPad/iPod, Mac and Apple TV. Moreover, you can reboot your Wi-Fi router to check if the AirPlay icon is still not showing up. Run a diagnostic test and toggle the accessibility settings on the device.
While some of the fixes we touched on above might work for this issue, the most likely factor here is that one of the devices is going to sleep. Check the sleep settings to see if any of them are active. Unlike disconnections, pausing or freezing means that your Apple AirPlay is still communicating between the devices you are using. However, it can stop in the middle of streaming whatever media you are enjoying, or it can freeze up and continue on its own again after a few moments.
A firmware update for televisions and other devices is comparable to an operating system upgrade. Check the software updateThis answer ought to have been first on the list. However, you might want to give a couple of others a go first. Once you have finished the brief checklist, you are finally ready to transfer and upgrade the firmware. Outdated firmware for routers may cause the Airplay issue at hand as it may interfere with the Samsung TV or the host device.
This would save the huge P.I.A. of figuring out this problem. Hopefully, this will correct your problem with getting past the black screen/no connection issue. Today Sony pushed out a firmware update to my 2020 Bravia x900H TV and now my M1 works for Airplay.
With this, your video might get broader or shorter. Because of this, it might get blurred and show inappropriate views. Check whether your device support Roku mirroring or not. There are many other ways to mirror your Zoom meeting than airplay that you can use on your Android or iOS device.
Reboot both your Apple TV and iPad a few times to ensure minor glitches are fixed. You can toggle WiFi as well and this should fix the issue you are facing on your device. Toggling Bluetooth has proven to be a working method to fix the AirPlay issue. Simply launch the Settings app and turn Bluetooth off. Those who have been able to get AirPlay to work to some extent are facing an issue where AirPlay either gets frozen or sometimes just stops working at all. You are not the only user facing the issue as mentioned above.
Simply unplug your router from the wall outlet, wait around 60 seconds, and then plug it back in. Your network’s devices will all immediately reconnect, and hopefully, AirPlay will function. You can disable some of the connection blocking from the firewall or shut it off entirely to see if AirPlay works. This is particularly an issue when using Mac’s iOS to cast to the TV. Before we start troubleshooting, make sure that your Samsung TV supports the Apple AirPlay feature.
Now, if applicable, switch the version to the original and check if that has resolved the issue. If the issue persists, check if resetting the paired devices in the Require Code option solves the problem. Get the app from its official website and install it on your devices. And be sure to connect your TV and phone on the same Wi-Fi network. The easiest way that might work when you encounter the problem of Airplay not working on LG TV is just by restarting your devices.
Can’t find the articles I saw but it was very sneaky they took this way. Yes, I have it plugged into a monitor and it is connecting to the network. Airplay is On, LG C9 is recognized along with my WiFi showing. My MacBook Pro recognizes the C9 and is checked in my System Preferences under displays as shown below.